Why do we grab a camera, trigger the shutter button? To catch a situation? To frame a perspective? To hold a memory?
What does one picture mean in our infinite gallery of snapshots? A storage of images that lives – and fades – with everyone.

In the past we created entire photo albums from the few pictures we had, spent time arranging the pictures and writing captions, just to take them out on special occasions or Рmainly Рto clean the dust from the cover. In good times we drowned into the memory, in bad times we repeatedly became annoyed about the quality, missing focus, the bad light or a cutted element.

These days it is easier than ever to make a picture. Smartphones and clouds provide endless storage, the internet makes it easy to share – we became thriftless with our memories, let them fade after 24 hours inside the story feature of social media. Who is writing a caption (and how is that actually possible), even looking at the images of yesterday?

It seems that we are missing a balance. Professional photography is needed more than ever to make a meaning.
Photographs source situations,
they build a perspective,
they are the creators of memories
– when the job is done right.

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